Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hibiscus Tea

Awhile back, we learned about Dr. Greger's favorite beverage - hibiscus tea. Why drink plain water when you can drink water AND enjoy the health benefits of tea?!

iced hibiscus tea 3

So we bought some Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger tea and started just throwing teabags into our ice water. (Red Zinger is the actual hibiscus tea version, but our grocery story only had Raspberry. But hibiscus is still the first ingredient in Raspberry!)

iced hibiscus tea 2

The flavor is super mild, but tastes kind of fruity. Like fruit punch without the pound of sugar. I think it tastes a lot better than cold green tea. Super refreshing.
  iced hibiscus tea 4

It's been our favorite drink this summer. And the best part is - we can keep drinking it when it cools off, because it tastes great hot, too!

iced hibiscus tea 1

What's your favorite healthy drink these days?

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