Monday, June 15, 2015

What I Ate: a week of vegan meals

Last week I decided it might be fun to take a picture of everything I ate for the entire week. I always like to see what other vegans are eating, and this might give some non-vegans (hi mom) some ideas for non-weird "vegan" things they could be eating!

Here it is (click to view larger): what i ate: a week of vegan meals This week ended up being a lot of the same stuff. Tacos, especially. Also, I'm really into kale right now. And I eat the exact same breakfast every morning for months (or years) until I get sick of it and switch to something else.

All these meals are 100% vegan. The milk in my cereal is always soy, almond, coconut, or cashew milk. A couple of these tacos I put vegan mayo on. Sometimes I sautee my kale in vegan butter. And, thank the universe, what I order at Chipotle is vegan!

Obviously, this is just meant to be a glimpse at my week of food. I work from home and workout a couple days a week, but otherwise I'm a pretty big couch potato.

Eating vegan (and pretty healthy, minus the chips and mayo) isn't hard! Now go eat somethin' good!

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