Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why This Fridge Terrifies Me

This was our fridge back in March 2010. That was 4 1/2 years ago. I stumbled across this picture when looking through old photos and was disgusted. But this is how we used to eat! We didn’t become vegetarian until November 2010, and didn’t go vegan until April 2013.

A few reasons why a fridge like this terrifies me:
  • The cow’s milk. There are at least 3 gallons of it in here! Gross!

  • The yogurt & cottage cheese. SO MUCH DAIRY. 

  • The juice. Processed juice (like that orange one to the left) is high in sugar and calories. Don’t drink your calories.

  • The flavored water. See those 2 pitchers in the back? Those are pitchers of water with packets of water flavoring mix added in (like Crystal Light). We used to buy them from Wal-Mart by the dozens, and mix them into our water to help us “drink more water.” But those packages contain aspartame, and other ingredients that we just don’t need in our water!

  • Chicken broth. Hiding back there in the back is a box of chicken broth. Not only are packages of broth overpriced, the broth made with body parts of a chicken are not something I would ever eat today.

  • Iceberg lettuce. Kudos to us trying to be healthy, but there are other salad greens that pack more of a nutritional punch and taste way better, too!

The rest of the food I can identify in this 2010 fridge we’d likely have in our 2014 fridge today: broccoli, cauliflower, celery, grapes, strawberries, red bell pepper, carrots, tofu, and of course leftovers :)

This old photo was a good reminder to me that once you know better, you do better! We all start somewhere, and we make the decisions we make based on what we thought was right at the time. Keep learning, and make changes as you go. You can always get better and continue to improve your health with your food!

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