Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sweet Potato Queso Cheez Dip (Vegan!)


This post is for my mom, who requested “a more exact recipe for your Sweet Potato Queso” :)

This is a vegan cheese sauce that can be easily modified for your purposes. Add salsa to make it into queso dip, or omit the salsa for a plainer cheez sauce you can use on pasta or to dip veggies into. Whatever you’re craving!

Sweet Potato Queso recipe:
1 sweet potato, diced, steamed
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
black pepper
1/4 tsp cayenne
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 can coconut milk
1/2 jar of salsa

Here’s how I do it:
Dice up the sweet potato and throw it in a microwaveable container to steam it. You could also steam it on your stove or slowly cook it in some water in a pot. However you do it, don’t undercook the potato! Else your cheez sauce will be chunky munky. I never peel the sweet potato because it’s too much work. But you could peel it for an even smoother cheez sauce.

Throw the chunks of steamed potato into a food processor (we have a Ninja). Add the garlic powder, nutritional yeast, a few shakes of black pepper to taste, cayenne (if you want a bit of spice, otherwise omit), salt, and some coconut milk (the rich stuff from a can). Blend/process til smooth. Keep adding more coconut milk or water til it’s a consistency you like.

Remove from food processor and stir in salsa. The better quality your salsa, the better quality your finished queso will be.

Another version of cheez sauce that I’ve made has a blended up can of rinsed cannellini (white) beans in it. This yields a more filling and richer sauce that’s especially good for mac & cheez. It’s also more difficult to blend, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you just have a blender (instead of a food processor).

If the taste isn’t quite right, try adding some of these things:
dijon mustard or dry mustard powder
vegan butter (like Earth Balance)
tahini (sesame seed butter/paste that’s prevalent in hummus)
soy milk (or other veggie milk of choice)
lemon juice (for a tang)
onion powder (for richer flavor)
nutmeg (a lot of cheez recipes I’ve seen call for a pinch of nutmeg for an earthy note)
or try cooking your sweet potato in veggie stock for extra flavor

Anyway, the regular recipe above works just fine for me! If you don’t have a badass food processor, I would recommend just making sure your sweet potato is super mushy and soft, and maybe adding more liquid than I’ve recommended. Whatever it takes for your blender to keep up.

Our favorite is to just dip tortilla chips in the queso. Sweet, spicy, salty, delish!

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