Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Healthy & Happier New Year

Hi Food Friends,

Just wanted to post a little personal update to this DirtyStove blog to show that hey!— a real person is actually writing this!

My name is Leiah and I’m 26 years old, living in DC with my fiancé Rob. We’ve been vegan since April 2013, and before that we were vegetarian since November 2010. Before that? Omnivores and barely even *thought* about food or diet. The biggest thing that made me want to change was reading Skinny Bitch - it was there that I first really learned about cow’s milk and how awful it is. And it just snowballed from there.

Since becoming vegan, we pretty much tell everyone we know and meet about eating healthier. We always recommend:

Sometimes I think I have it easy - eating healthy. Since I’m vegan and all I eat is plants. But I wasn’t always vegan and I understand how difficult it is to change your eating habits. It’s one thing to get inspired, but that inspiration and motivation to be healthier quickly fades. Keep yourself inspired by watching and reading anything about a plant-based diet or eating vegan. Figure out what motivates you at the core: you can’t contribute to animal suffering? you don’t want to die a premature death? you want to eat to live instead of living to eat?

2014 has started off well for me. These days I find myself daydreaming about food and all the delicious possibilities I can make at home. I collect ideas on my Food Pinterest board and usually make at least one new-to-me recipe each week. Incorporate new recipes in your diet and I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself.

I’ve had some requests for recipes of food I’ve posted to my Instagram feed. I like to make each recipe at least twice before sharing, so stay tuned for some yummy vegan recipes on this blog that have been taste-tested by me and my flavor-and-spice-loving fiancé :)

Happy 2014!


PS: the photo above of the fruit was from lunch this week. I had leftovers first: a half pita pocket with tempeh, hummus, sprouts, tomato, onion (aka Tempeh Burgers). 10 minutes later I had the 2nd half of my lunch which was this container of fruit: 1 apple, 1 kiwi, 1 banana. My best advice for eating more fruit is “when you’re about to eat 1 piece of fruit, eat 2!

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